India rules the world *


 A giant on the road to world power? India is known to be an emerging nation on the road to an industrial state and at the same time China’s opponent on the Asian continent. But what potential infected actually in the largest democracy in the world? In fact, India is a knowledge power and has been for decades. So already had in 2000, the former SPD Chancellor Gerhard Schröder announce that Germany due to its own residue on a certain number of Indian computer and software Experts had instructed. Even the otherwise technically superior United States of America had already rely on computer scientists from India. Also the Indians bring in military sector rapidly. How in the world is to read articles on 19 April 2012 (to Items ? Langstreckenrakete.html), India has among other things nuclear-capable long-range missiles, with which it throughout Asia and large parts of Europe could reach. However, there are numerous arguments against the emergence of an Indian Speaking world power. So must especially the serious shortcomings in terms of infrastructure, Poverty and pollution are considered. But 400 million People, converted five times the total population of the Federal Republic, to live without Electricity and about 30 percent of Indians are at the poverty level. Faced with such figures should be clear that other equally urgent problems, such as the actually urgently needed reduction of environmental pollution, not the top May have priority as combating distress of large sections of their own Population is simply urgent. Also, the constant competition with China and its strategic ally Pakistan, as well as recurrent, sometimes violently held, border conflicts with the two nuclear powers India prepare thoroughly geopolitical difficulties. All in all, India remains not only in cultural and social terms, a country of opposites, but also with regard to the conditions for its further Development. It is difficult to predict whether one in 10, 15, or 25 years of a Indian world power will be able to speak. Much will depend on which way India will go domestically and how well these paths of the structural problems the country led away. But foreign policy, India’s government needs a hand the challenges of the Asian power struggle with China and Pakistan, on the other hand the probably forthcoming influence attempts of the West in their own environmental and Economic policy questions. Whether and especially how soon most populous nation of Earth copes all equal and thus draws with countries like China or USA, is the Show future.

* Translated with Google.

~Patrick Fanghänel


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